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My cousin Ray will be honoring our cousin Patrick today.

Raymond F. O’Conor might be holding the state’s highest remembrance ceremony on Saturday, the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The Wilton resident and deputy town supervisor is planning a hike up 4,827-foot Basin Mountain, the last one needed to become an Adirondack 46er, a select group of about 6,800 people that have scaled all 46 Adirondack Mountains with an elevation of at least 4,000 feet.

While celebrating the achievement, he’s also dedicating the climb to two Sept. 11 victims — his late cousin, Navy Commander Patrick Dunn, who died at the Pentagon and the late Donald Kauth, a former Wilton resident who was killed at the World Trade Center.

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At The Corner, Stanley Kurtz has an interesting theory why the President is running the wacky, insulting campaign strategy he’s using. I’m not sure I buy it, but if he suddenly comes back to win by more than a razor’s edge, I might reconsider.

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Listen carefully to the Dark Lord of the Sith: “No Candidate Has Ever Lost After Being Up 51% In Mid-October On Gallup.”

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Just in case you’ve forgotten:

  1. Polls ain’t worth squat.
  2. In less than 48 hours the liberal media is going to tell us how Obama is the comeback kid, absolutely decimating the Republican in the debate. And they’ll have worthless polls to PROVE their point. (check out the awesome D+9 on that last one)
  3. Return to #1. Rinse and repeat for 3 weeks.

Dear Lord, when will it end?

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The other guy would have a field day chasing down everything Opusaug and Dairmuid and Grumshar Kroog have said.

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Full disclosure: I stole the title from Laura’s post at Ace. If it weren’t for that, I might not have even watched it – that caught my attention right away and made me ask: “What’s this?”

The ad has to be listened to, as well as watched, for fullest effect. And the sounds take it from simply a great ad to absolutely gut-wrenching. As someone says in their comments – exactly as I was thinking – it’s this year’s Daisy ad.

Go watch it again at Ace, then give a tip for Laura.

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Since you’re not allowed to say this in a New York subway station anymore, we’d better say it here.

Ace of Spades

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Who’s lyin’ now?

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Something I’ve been wondering about for a few days, and finally someone has written a good story on it at PJM.

Originally, yes, polls were meant to document reality, but nowadays polls are designed to mold reality. If two candidates are in truth currently tied, but we announce that one of them is in the lead, then on election day he will actually win, because our false poll reporting affected how people vote. Get it?

No, actually, I don’t get it. This entire strategy, which dominates the 2012 election even more than it dominated earlier campaigns, is based on some amateurish assumptions about mass psychology that have never been proven, or even tested. I find it extremely odd that no one has ever questioned these assumptions — until now, at least — because so much depends on them. What if it turns out, after endless person-hours expended on the Poll Wars, that the assumptions justifying poll-skewing are completely wrong?

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Looks about right to me.

How the Candidates See Us

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You are not forgotten.

Patrick Dunn pencil rubbing

(Click to enlarge – with gratitude to Steve Johnson for the memorial)

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Ace says to check out Intsy.

Intsy says to check out Sarah.

Sarah asks “Have you gone completely out of your minds?”

So cut the crap and ignore them, they’re LYING just to kill enthusiasm.

Besides, you should know better… as the MahaRushie says, “They always follow the same playbook.” If anyone asks, tell them you’re waiting for the poll done by Publius.

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Classic Steyn, commenting on Sandra Fluke at the DNC:

America is so broketastically brokey-broke that one day, in the grim future that could be, society may even be forced to consider whether there is any meaningful return on investment for paying a quarter-million bucks to send the scions of wealth and privilege to school until early middle-age to study Reproductive Justice.

As the saying goes, real the whole thing.

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While it’s tempting to talk about the content of the dust-up at the DNC today, it’s actually more interesting to note the style.

Under criticism from Republican challenger Mitt Romney (After liberals tried desperately to hijack the platform to say what they really think), Democrats abruptly rewrote the day-old document to insert a reference to God and to declare that Jerusalem “is and will remain the capital of Israel.” Some (A majority of) delegates objected loudly, but Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, presiding in the largely-empty hall, ruled them outvoted. White House aides said Obama had personally ordered the changes.

So remember this, fellow Marxists: your dear leader is first and foremost a dictator. You only get to heckle God, Jews and guns when he says it’s okay.

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Best self-parody EVAH!

Anyone listening to Rubio’s moving tale surely thought, “Yes! This is exactly what America is about!” But the stories were all we got. No Republican speakers offered any policies to renew upward mobility in the United States. In fact, nowhere did the Republicans acknowledge that upward mobility is now greater in many other countries with feudal or aristocratic histories.

No, you’re not reading that wrong. I too asked myself, “Did he just say what I think he said?” and had to read it over again just to be sure.

Yes, I have to admit, we evil conservatives only talk about people doing things for themselves and don’t ever do the hard work of proposing a new government program that could help someone help himself. How could I ever have expected someone to do anything without government unless I first proposed a government program that would help people do something without government?

But no, wait – I see it now, that wasn’t really my fault either. The problem in America today is that there’s nothing to prevent me from failing to see this in the first place.

Today, I propose a new cabinet-level department in Washington: the federal Department of Self-Governance. Since this job is so important, the president will head the department personally, and all the other cabinet secretaries will report to him.

It should only cost us another $10 trillion or so, and we can get all those rich people who make over $30k/year to pay for it.

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