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Full disclosure: I stole the title from Laura’s post at Ace. If it weren’t for that, I might not have even watched it – that caught my attention right away and made me ask: “What’s this?”

The ad has to be listened to, as well as watched, for fullest effect. And the sounds take it from simply a great ad to absolutely gut-wrenching. As someone says in their comments – exactly as I was thinking – it’s this year’s Daisy ad.

Go watch it again at Ace, then give a tip for Laura.

Classic Steyn, commenting on Sandra Fluke at the DNC:

America is so broketastically brokey-broke that one day, in the grim future that could be, society may even be forced to consider whether there is any meaningful return on investment for paying a quarter-million bucks to send the scions of wealth and privilege to school until early middle-age to study Reproductive Justice.

As the saying goes, real the whole thing.

A long time ago, in a filth pit far, far away….

King Arthur: Please, please, good people, I am in haste. Who lives in that castle?
Woman: No one lives there.
King Arthur: Then who is your lord?
Woman: We don’t have a lord.
Dennis: I told you, we’re an anarcho-syndicalist commune. We take it in turns to be a sort of executive officer for the week…
King Arthur: Yes…
Dennis: …but all the decisions of that officer have to be ratified at a special bi-weekly meeting…
King Arthur: Yes I see…
Dennis: …by a simple majority in the case of purely internal affairs…
King Arthur: Be quiet!
Dennis: …but by a two thirds majority in the case of…
King Arthur: Be quiet! I order you to be quiet!
Woman: Order, eh? Who does he think he is?

Meanwhile, not so long ago, on Wall Street:

At the teach-in, Ms. Holmes maintained that while the NYC-GA is the “de facto” mechanism for distributing funds, it has no right to do so, even though she acknowledged that most donors were likely under the impression that the NYC-GA was the only organization with access to these funds. Two other leaders of the teach-in, Daniel and Adash, concurred with Holmes.

Ms. Holmes also stated at the teach-in that five people in the Finance WG have access to the $500,000 raised by Friends of Liberty Plaza. When Suresh Fernando, the man taking notes, asked who these people are, the leaders of the Structure WG nervously laughed and said that it was hard to keep track of the “constantly fluctuating” heads of the Finance WG. Mr. Fernando made at least four increasingly explicit requests for the names. Each request was turned down by the giggling, equivocating leaders.

If you continue to read, you’ll find out that elements of the OWS crowd are finally learning the civics lessons they never got in high school. Unfortunately, without the hindsight they’d have if they hadn’t slept through History, Economics, and Political Science, it’s more likely that OWS will look exactly like Stalin’s USSR before they’re done.

Apparently, you’re not allowed to bring your servants along.

One has to wonder how much of this is more opportunism than clueless self-contradiction, but in any event someone isn’t who they seem.

Ryan Young at fisks the Occupy Wall Street Demands.


Don’t trust any of them.


Yes, it’s true. There is someone out there even grimmer than Glenn.

Ace linked to this budget calculator, saying it takes about an hour or two to balance the federal budget. It took me about 10 minutes.

And this doesn’t even offer a whole lot of options, and makes some ignorant assumptions that defy dynamic scoring principles.  In other words: it’s even easier than that.

I followed a vague link from Ace and found this cheery thought.

On the funny side(bar), I was picked up a little by something a little more light-hearted.

I normally don’t like people trying to guess what a historical figure would or would not say in current circumstances. Those who make such attempts usually try to get the selected historical figure to espouse or say things that they never in a million years would have expressed in real life, and would have them spinning in their graves were they to actually hear what was being attributed to them. But there are always exceptions… like this video. I think Thomas Paine would be proud of this.

Update: You know what they say… no Paine, no gain!

To ‘stimulate’ the economy, why not help skilled people move to where their skills are needed?  For example, we have skilled construction people in Ft Myers.  They need skilled construction people in Oklahoma.  The workers in Ft Myers don’t have the money/resources to move to Oklahoma.  The company in Oklahoma can’t afford to compensate people to relocate.  This way, we don’t have to CREATE jobs, we can use the ones that already exist.  Even the HOUSING market could benefit from this.

Idea #2: you want government-sponsored ‘infrastructure’ jobs?  Start building a 10′ high concrete wall along the border with Mexico.  I understand that illegal immigrants are leaving the country, but it would still be jobs.  Plus, there are other economic ramifications to helping to solve the whole illegal immigrant problem.

Below is the response the Honorable Senator Mel Martinez sent me on Friday regarding my desire to see him NOT vote for this jumbo pile of bovine dung.

“In February 2008, the Congress, with my full support, passed the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008. This legislation was designed to jump start our slowing economy and encourage job creation. Included in the package was direct financial relief for individuals and families, as well as tax incentives for businesses aimed at stimulating investment. ”

Now, either he MEANT 2008 and there was some stimulus package last year (that I don’t recall) OR he’s EXPECTING this piece of garbage to be passed AS IS.

But sometimes they can become Secretary of the Treasury.

Republican senators are putting up a good front for the constituents, but aren’t working too hard trying to defeat Mr. Geithner’s nomination. If he is confirmed, conservatives have a damaged Secretary collecting tax receipts for Uncle Sam. Champions for reform will have pages and pages of apologies they can use to defend the oppressed taxpayers who make innocent mistakes, “just like Secretary Geithner.” And best of all (he says, seeing the silver lining and not the cloud), should the economy not turn around, Republicans will have the chance to say, “We’re not surprised, since President Obama can’t even find a Treasury Secretary who can fill out his 1040, nevermind fix this economy.” On the other hand, if the Democrats buy a clue and pull the nomination, they won’t get their favorite TARP-loving choice for the job.

It’s a wonderful win-win scenario for Republicans… if they can avoid finding a way to screw it up.

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