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I was watching my grandson last night, and by request turned on a Curious George movie on Netflix. At one point, The Man in the Yellow Hat makes a phone call, only to get a voice prompt that’s funny on several levels.

For Spanish, press 1. For French, press 2. For Klingon, press ‘cha’.

Can anyone who is a member of the KLI confirm that translation?

There’s an awesome article at Big Hollywood about the intersection between campus liberals, selective protection of free speech, and well-armed space cowboys who prefer not to kill people in their sleep.

Was that Our Lord, or Marx?

I normally don’t like people trying to guess what a historical figure would or would not say in current circumstances. Those who make such attempts usually try to get the selected historical figure to espouse or say things that they never in a million years would have expressed in real life, and would have them spinning in their graves were they to actually hear what was being attributed to them. But there are always exceptions… like this video. I think Thomas Paine would be proud of this.

Update: You know what they say… no Paine, no gain!

The following is a partial list of unlikely events whose chances of proving true are greater than are the odds that the current immigration bill will solve the open border situation.

Videotape proves existence of Loch Ness Monster

Sandy Berger tells whole story, wasn’t covering up Clinton’s mistakes.

Radical Islam is a religion of peace.

Laywer TB patient had greater good in mind.

Valerie Plame tells the truth.

Creationists prove Earth is 6000 years old.

Not making the list is the seemingly impossible news that the Beatles Sgt. Pepper album is forty years old. Where have all those years gone? (A live cover for your listening/viewing enjoyment here)

Technically, the Cox & Forkum team are on hiatus, but while they are not producing new art, they have been treating us with occasional commentary and insight into the mechanics and history of their craft. Today’s installment, ostensibly a discussion of Walt Disney’s editorial cartoon efforts during World War II, also makes a strong case for total war in the current conflict.

It has been too long since I updated this story, allow me to make up for lost time; everyone’s prayers are being answered. The pictures below serve to remind us how bad it was for Timmy just after the crash.

Timmy II.jpg

Everything is so much better now. First it was in doubt that he would survive. Then there had been a very real threat that his arms may have to be removed, they were saved and he has enough use of them that he was able to swing a golf club with his cousins back in December. And, in February he had what they hope is the last surgery to repair them. So, while he will always have some effects from the crash, limited range of movement and arthritis to cite two examples, he is out of danger and doing surprisingly well.

During that December visit to Naples Timmy went to school with his cousins, and served as what he called “Ryan’s show and tell project”. Ryan is his ten year old cousin, and his school had assigned every student with writing an essay about someone who had “persevered” (the project was part of a teaching initiative called the Laws Of Life). Ryan chose to write about Timmy, and Timmy went to the school on the day that Ryan read his essay to his class. Ryan’s essay (reproduced below in the extended reading section) went on the win honors within his class, school and then took second place in the county wide competition; but that day Timmy was the star. The entire class befriended him and asked him questions about what he was going through, and he had a great time with it all. If you will read Ryan’s essay you will get a sense of how positive Timmy is through this all from one four word quote in the sixth paragraph, I’ll let you read it in context.

Last month Timmy started back at school. And, since, even with all of the surgeries and therapy it is obvious that Timmy will never have full use of his arms, the Principal of his school decided he would have a conversation with Timmy and his parents that first day in order to impress upon Timmy how important it will be for him to work hard at his studies so that he can get a good job later in life. During this conversation an aide entered interrupting the advice and the Principal said essentially, not now, I’ll deal with whatever it is later. The aide insisted that he would want to know now. As it turned out, while Timmy, his parents and the Principal were meeting, a man had walked into the school office and donated a college scholarship in memory of one of the school’s students who had died during a recent tornado. They gave that scholarship to Timmy on the spot.

So, the bottom line is that Timmy is doing well, he has people around him who care, and he is getting some good breaks too. From everything I’ve been told about him he will take advantage of the good things coming his way and will end up having a full and happy life. So, thanks for your prayers. And thanks to all of the emergency and medical people who lent a hand. And thank God that this little boy is going to be alright.

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Do you believe yourself to be an enlightened, free thinking individual, willing and able to speak your mind on any number of topics and allow others to do the same? Do you believe that in this country everyone has the right to speak their mind and voice their opinions? Do you consider yourself to be a champion for the First Amendment? Are you willing to lend your name to an effort to ensure that everyone – no matter their beliefs or opinions – continue to have the protections that the First Amendment them?

If your answer to any one of those questions is “Yes”, then you need to watch this video…

Now that you have watched the video, visit the Indoctrinate U web site and help the filmmakers get their message out and get the film into theaters.

If you don’t really feel like doing that, for whatever reason, then you lied to yourself on the first set of questions.

If you scoff at the notion that you have lied to yourself but think this film is somehow wrong and should not be promoted, yet continue to believe yourself to be an enlightened, free thinking individual, willing and able to speak your mind on any number of topics and allow others to do the same, then you are wrong – and you are the perfect example of a hypocrite!

I’ve just finished watching The Great Global Warming Swindle, a program produced by Channel 4 in Great Britain ( Ace), which is a fantastic rebuttal of Al Gore and his environmental propaganda opus, An Inconvenient Truth. It explains, in excruciating detail, how corrupt bureaucrats and activists have managed to buy off a few scientists, intimidate most of their otherwise-sensible colleagues, and perpetuate one of the biggest lies in human history, mainly by feeding the insatiable appetite of the dinosaur media for reality-TV melodrama.

After detailing the real science that disputes most of the manufactured disaster scenarios peddled by the likes of Gore, one of the soon-to-be-pariah scientists interviewed for the program summed up the politics driving the whole affair.

The shift to climate being a major focal point came about for two very distinct reasons. The first reason was because, by the mid-80’s, a majority of people now agreed with all of the reasonable things we in the environmental movement were saying they should do. Now, when a majority of people agree with you, it’s pretty hard to remain confrontational with them. And so the only way to remain anti-establishment was to adopt ever more extreme positions….

When I left… it was in the midst of them adopting a campaign to ban chlorine worldwide. Like, I said, “You guys – this is one of the elements in the periodic table, you know? I mean, I’m not sure if that’s in our jurisdiction – to be banning a whole element.”

The other reason that environmental extremism emerged was because world communism failed, the (Berlin) Wall came down, and a lot of peaceniks and political activists moved into the environmental movement, bringing their neo-Marxism with them, and learned to use “green” language in a very clever way to cloak agendas that actually have more to do with anti-capitalism and anti-globalization than they do anything with ecology or science.

Who is this radical anti-environmentalist? It’s Dr. Patrick Moore, a founding member and former prominent leader of Greenpeace. Expectedly, his former friends are saying some rather nasty things about him these days.

Dr. Moore and the others appearing in the special – each of whom speaks directly to the science related to his field – finish off the discussion by highlighting the effect anti-capitalist and anti-globalization efforts are having on the poorest of the poor in Africa and other developing regions. The producers point out the brutal fact that even the most basic amenities we take for granted in the West today are built upon our use of energy, especially electricity. Without it, there is no heat, no air conditioning, only open fires to cook with, barbaric medical care, and no modern industry to lift the populace out of poverty. As James Shikwati, a Kenyan economist and the Director of the Inter Region Economic Network, points out, “I don’t see how a solar panel is going to power a steel industry, how a solar panel… is going to power some railway train network.”

One would expect that the liberal bleeding hearts who continuously tell us we need to feed the hungry around the world, and who tell us the reason we aren’t doing enough is because of our racism and bigotry, would take the side of the downtrodden peasant folk in the African bush, and that they would endorse doing whatever it takes to improve their lot. But these same liberals insist on promulgating the global warming agenda that dictates the use of expensive “clean” forms of energy instead of the relatively cheap and plentiful coal and oil reserves found in Africa. This mandate prevents the great majority of Africa from advancing out of poverty the way the rest of the world has. “Let me make one thing perfectly clear,” says Paul Driessen, author of the book Green Power, Black Death. “If we’re telling the Third World that they can only have wind and solar power, what we are really telling them is, ‘You cannot have electricity.'”

A forceful and persuasive discussion, cutting back and forth between interviews with Shikwati and Moore, is equally clear about the fate of the African people if the liberals have their way.

Moore: I think one of the most pernicious aspects of the modern environmental movement is this romanticization of peasant life, and the idea that industrial societies are the destroyers of the world.
Shikwati: One clear thing… is the point that there is somebody keen to kill the African Dream. And the African Dream is to develop.
Moore: The environmental movement has evolved into the strongest force there is for preventing development in the developing countries.
Shikwati: We’re being told, “Don’t touch your resources. Don’t touch your oil. Don’t touch your coal.” That is suicide.
Moore: I think it’s legitimate for me to call them anti-human. Like, “Okay, you don’t have to think humans are better than whales, or better than owls, or whatever, if you don’t want to. Right? But surely, it is not a good idea to think of humans as sort of being scum… That it’s okay to have hundreds of millions of them go blind or die or whatever.” I just can’t relate to that.
Welcome back to sanity, Dr. Moore. And welcome to the Republican Party, Mr. Shikwati.

UPDATE: One of the scientists appearing in the program has been told he “won’t live to see further global warming” if he doesn’t shut up. Is this what the Left means by “Academic Freedom”? ( Laura at the HQ)

Have you seen this presentation?

Very interesting, no? And not one word about the added effects of illegal immigration either.

It seems to me that if global warming is going to be considered a climatic dysfunction, then there must be a climatic norm which we can compare today’s climate against. We know there have been ice ages, times when it was colder worldwide than today, and we know those colder times came to an end and the planet grew warmer. So, here is my reality check; what specific conditions, and at what time did such exist, that we can say, that is the ideal condition for the planet?

Without that benchmark how can we determine if any other time is, or is not normal, climatically speaking?

Sound it out. And if you still don’t get it, consider that it had an “$18.95″ price listed just before it on the local English pub’s daily specials board. Got it now?

That’s right; a young high-school drop out turned waitress was told to write “Filet Mignon” and came up with the phonetically similar, Flaming Yon. She is English born, but failed to finish her free public education here in America. All the while, all of my illusions of Europeans as being innately familiar with the languages and cultures of their European neighbors are forever shattered. How can I ever again believe that myth when one of them demonstrates that she does not recognize a French term for a select, and well-known, cut of beef? Sacrebleu!

The fellow who discovered the error, and had the staff correct the misspelling, attempted to give the girl cover by relating a story of how his then seven year old nephew had once marched in a parade for charity. When Jim asked the boy what he was marching for, the lad said, “sixty roses”. Naturally we can understand how a youngster could hear “Cystic Fibrosis” and corrupt that into words that were familiar to him, sixty roses. But how does that explain Emma’s mistake? After all, while “flaming” is a common enough word, what is a “Yon“?

Did she believe this special to be a spicy preparation of the loin of the Wild Blue Yon Deer?

We wracked our brains to understand.

Perhaps she intended to write “Flaming Jan”, believing that they were serving up a gay Swede? More likely yet, she recognized the chef’s words as a name he was giving to a boring dish of hot peppers, the “Flaming Yawn”, and then she simplified the spelling of the last word for artistic effect. Ah, a clever girl, that must be it.

Or, no bull here, maybe she is just a stupid girl. And maybe she had all the advantages of wealth and access to knowledge and maybe she failed to take advantage? But that would be stupid, and now I am repeating myself. Yes, that is the answer, it is eloquent in it’s simplicity, it must bee write.

I’m sure by now many of you have heard about the 6 year old girl here in Naples who has been charged with a felony for kicking a teacher’s aide. The good news is that the charges have been dropped. But I just gotta ask… how would you like to be Debra Dolan today? That is the aide who, after being kicked, actually informed the school officials that she wanted to press charges. How much ridicule are you facing today, Debra? I mean, isn’t an adult pressing charges for being kicked by a six year old girl sort of like this guy calling these guys to get help beating up this guy!

Yes, Ms. Dolan (and I fairly sure it is Ms.), little Takovia Allen was wrong to kick you, and yes she should be punished (it was usually a switch from a Willow tree or an occasional paddle-ball paddle for me, but a belt will work just as well). But as a teacher’s aide – and in a special needs class, no less – if you can’t handle a difficult kid or getting kicked in the shin without calling the cops, I think you not only need find a new line of work, you need to get a life!

It was rough. I went to work. I made a bank deposit (thankfully the bank had not removed the language option, and had I needed it I could have chosen to conduct my business in Spanish). I ate lunch at a restaurant. I finished my work early and went home to take a nap. I made my own dinner and watched “24”. And, somehow, even without help from the Mexican criminals, I went to sleep.

And, in spite of their rhetoric, make no mistake, they are criminals. Maybe they were good law abiding people while they were in their country, but in choosing to break our laws in coming here, they are now criminals. And if we actually enforced our laws they would be in trouble. But, alas, we don’t care to enforce our laws, we just like to write them, enforcing them is too messy for the USA.

Language, or I should say, the shifting of word meanings is the big player in the invasion debate. Not laws, language is the big player. If the crooks say they are not criminals, then their supporters agree to use that language, and the foundation of the debate shifts. If the ciminal invaders say they have Rights, then their supports agree to use that falisy and the foundation of the debate shifts. When the criminal invaders are called immigrants, or citizens, or workers, then their supporters agree to use that language and the debate shifts. Language is transient, and apparently every word can be corrupted to mean things other than its actual meaning.

I once believed that this country was a nation of laws. I believed that under the law everyone was equal. I once believed that there is such a thing as justice in this land, even if not in any other country on Earth in the USA one could get justice. I once beleived that our government would enforce our laws, for our benefit, to increase order in our society, to create an equal playing field for all of our citizens, even to insulate us from the harm we can do to ourselves, and for our general protection from all threats internal and external. It is impossible to believe such things anymore, not with criminals openly demonstrating in our streets their demands for their supposed rights under our system of government. And, our government did not arrest a single one, as far as I can determine. So much for a nation of laws.

I survived May Day, but now I am sending out a may day to save our country. Enforce our borders. Enforce our laws. Change the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution to read that only people born here of people legally within our borders are entitled to become citizens, we have to end the incentive for illegals to enter the USA with the intent to give birth and thereby win the citizenship lottery for their children. We need to construct an enforceable border on our south and then enforce it. Amnesty must not happen ever again. We tried it once and it only led to our current situation where we have some considering its use again. Where does amnesty end? If we don’t gain control over who enters our country, and if we continue to let those who enter illegally to bully us and alter the meaning of our words, we will face the same situation again and again. We must not capitulate, again. Never again.

I survived May Day, but will the USA survive it?

5/3 Update: One man knows the right thing to do, an Arizona Sheriff forms volunteer posses to capture illegals. The attached poll was 97% good idea/ 3% bad idea when I voted.


If the faithful continue to listen to him, maybe


Then again, there are a lot of intolerant Muslims who almost certainly are not listening to reason.

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