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The other guy would have a field day chasing down everything Opusaug and Dairmuid and Grumshar Kroog have said. Read more Read more Read more Read more

Well, now there’s one fewer Internet meme in the world that I’ve never heard of.

Steve Gershom.

The user database has been pruned so I could install a new plugin to try and combat registration spam. If you’re not a robot and your user was deleted, I sincerely apologize. I had intended to keep anyone who had previously posted a comment, until I got to the end of the “Subscriber” list and found out the data I was looking at didn’t have anything to do with how many comments someone had posted.

If you were one of these unlucky ones and want your account restored, send me an email or leave a comment on this post and I’ll see what we can do for you. Read more

If there was any doubt that I’m out of the political loop, it’s over. I have no idea what Ace is ranting about. Looking over other recent posts at the HQ, I was slightly interested if I was a “cultist”, but even after reading his four points of definition, I’m not sure I qualify.

All I am sure of is as every day goes by, I feel more and more like I understand what they hear when the illiterate mob says they don’t understand or care about politics. I don’t hear a lot of political discourse anymore, it’s just a lot of shouting.

Wake me up when it’s time to vote. And be sure to have a scorecard handy, because I’ll guess by then I won’t know the players without it. Read more Read more Read more

While WordPress mechanisms are doing a good job of preventing spam comments from getting onto the blog posts, I’ve been getting about 1-5 registration notices a day from what I presume are bots being foiled in their attempt to gain access to the system. It doesn’t really do very much but clog up the user list with a bunch of “subscribers” that don’t really exist.

To combat this “registration spam”, I have installed a new plugin for WordPress that supposedly prevents the bots from passing through registration successfully. We’ll see if the registrations slack off from here out, but even if it works I’m still left with a good number of users that aren’t really ever going to participate in discussions or post a comment.

To that end, I will be deleting all “subscriber” accounts without even one comment. This is your fair notice – please post a comment (or trackback) to this thread to let me know you’re real, and I won’t delete your account. I’ll do the deletions in a couple of days. Read more

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