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Just in case you’ve forgotten:

  1. Polls ain’t worth squat.
  2. In less than 48 hours the liberal media is going to tell us how Obama is the comeback kid, absolutely decimating the Republican in the debate. And they’ll have worthless polls to PROVE their point. (check out the awesome D+9 on that last one)
  3. Return to #1. Rinse and repeat for 3 weeks.

Dear Lord, when will it end?

Who’s lyin’ now?

Something I’ve been wondering about for a few days, and finally someone has written a good story on it at PJM.

Originally, yes, polls were meant to document reality, but nowadays polls are designed to mold reality. If two candidates are in truth currently tied, but we announce that one of them is in the lead, then on election day he will actually win, because our false poll reporting affected how people vote. Get it?

No, actually, I don’t get it. This entire strategy, which dominates the 2012 election even more than it dominated earlier campaigns, is based on some amateurish assumptions about mass psychology that have never been proven, or even tested. I find it extremely odd that no one has ever questioned these assumptions — until now, at least — because so much depends on them. What if it turns out, after endless person-hours expended on the Poll Wars, that the assumptions justifying poll-skewing are completely wrong?

Ace says to check out Intsy.

Intsy says to check out Sarah.

Sarah asks “Have you gone completely out of your minds?”

So cut the crap and ignore them, they’re LYING just to kill enthusiasm.

Besides, you should know better… as the MahaRushie says, “They always follow the same playbook.” If anyone asks, tell them you’re waiting for the poll done by Publius.

Best self-parody EVAH!

Anyone listening to Rubio’s moving tale surely thought, “Yes! This is exactly what America is about!” But the stories were all we got. No Republican speakers offered any policies to renew upward mobility in the United States. In fact, nowhere did the Republicans acknowledge that upward mobility is now greater in many other countries with feudal or aristocratic histories.

No, you’re not reading that wrong. I too asked myself, “Did he just say what I think he said?” and had to read it over again just to be sure.

Yes, I have to admit, we evil conservatives only talk about people doing things for themselves and don’t ever do the hard work of proposing a new government program that could help someone help himself. How could I ever have expected someone to do anything without government unless I first proposed a government program that would help people do something without government?

But no, wait – I see it now, that wasn’t really my fault either. The problem in America today is that there’s nothing to prevent me from failing to see this in the first place.

Today, I propose a new cabinet-level department in Washington: the federal Department of Self-Governance. Since this job is so important, the president will head the department personally, and all the other cabinet secretaries will report to him.

It should only cost us another $10 trillion or so, and we can get all those rich people who make over $30k/year to pay for it.

A long time ago, in a filth pit far, far away….

King Arthur: Please, please, good people, I am in haste. Who lives in that castle?
Woman: No one lives there.
King Arthur: Then who is your lord?
Woman: We don’t have a lord.
Dennis: I told you, we’re an anarcho-syndicalist commune. We take it in turns to be a sort of executive officer for the week…
King Arthur: Yes…
Dennis: …but all the decisions of that officer have to be ratified at a special bi-weekly meeting…
King Arthur: Yes I see…
Dennis: …by a simple majority in the case of purely internal affairs…
King Arthur: Be quiet!
Dennis: …but by a two thirds majority in the case of…
King Arthur: Be quiet! I order you to be quiet!
Woman: Order, eh? Who does he think he is?

Meanwhile, not so long ago, on Wall Street:

At the teach-in, Ms. Holmes maintained that while the NYC-GA is the “de facto” mechanism for distributing funds, it has no right to do so, even though she acknowledged that most donors were likely under the impression that the NYC-GA was the only organization with access to these funds. Two other leaders of the teach-in, Daniel and Adash, concurred with Holmes.

Ms. Holmes also stated at the teach-in that five people in the Finance WG have access to the $500,000 raised by Friends of Liberty Plaza. When Suresh Fernando, the man taking notes, asked who these people are, the leaders of the Structure WG nervously laughed and said that it was hard to keep track of the “constantly fluctuating” heads of the Finance WG. Mr. Fernando made at least four increasingly explicit requests for the names. Each request was turned down by the giggling, equivocating leaders.

If you continue to read, you’ll find out that elements of the OWS crowd are finally learning the civics lessons they never got in high school. Unfortunately, without the hindsight they’d have if they hadn’t slept through History, Economics, and Political Science, it’s more likely that OWS will look exactly like Stalin’s USSR before they’re done.

Apparently, you’re not allowed to bring your servants along.

One has to wonder how much of this is more opportunism than clueless self-contradiction, but in any event someone isn’t who they seem.

Was that Our Lord, or Marx?

Take the following with a grain of salt, considering I’m doing very little blog-reading lately.  First, for the dirt, check out:

Glenn Beck vs. Charles Johnson

and as usual, don’t forget to read the comments, both at Ace’s and the blogs he links to.

I was a big fan of Charles Johnson and LGF for a long time.  I admired the fact that a passive liberal was seeing a little bit of the light when it came to politics, and a lot of the truth in the fight against jihadism.  Heck, when it came to the latter, Charles was one of the first to try rallying support for the war using a blog.  LGF was really the first blog I’d ever seen, and along with Best of the Web, I gave credit to Johnson in the dedication post as being an inspiration for this blog.

But like Dean Esmay, LGF has taken a few left turns that I can’t say I’ve admired.  I parted ways with Dean following his drift back to the political middle during the most recent presidential election.  In Johnson’s case, I’ve been trying to ignore the fact that the anti-jihadist is now on a crusade against ALL religion by tarring everything in sight with a label that defines it as either anti- or pro- in relation to the most burning debate in America today… creationism.

Creationism? Are you kidding me?

I don’t want this post to devolve deeply into that discussion, so let me just say this much: I believe in God, and I believe He created everything.  And I believe that His methodology for creating everything probably involved something a little more complex than the snapping of giant omnipotent Fingers.  St. Anselm said that God is that being greater than which none can be conceived, so the theory we call “evolution” is probably a lame oversimplification of how it all came to be.  But notice that “oversimplification” implies it’s not untrue.

Put more succinctly, with respects to Heinlein: God is Deep. You can’t grok Him.

With that in mind, I do not fear those who attempt to teach “Intelligent Design”.  I agree with their overall premise, but the details of their methodology are just plain silly.  C’mon guys, you lost this fight 80 years ago in Tennessee, and you’re sounding like those who insist on calling it “The War of Northern Agression.”  The South will NOT rise again – at least not under your terms.  It’s over.  Find a different tack.

That all said, Charles is paranoid and more than a little bigoted against those of us who care to respect an Intelligent Designer.  When he goes after Glenn Beck and belittles those friends of mine attempting to hold the IRS at bay with nothing but bags of tea, he’s just too far gone in misunderstanding who the enemy is and what the fight is about.

So, I’m sorry to say, LGF is being reassigned to “Copperhead” status.  The separating of the wheat and the chaff moves on….

Addendum: I just noticed that when I did the site redesign and added links to places I never would have linked before had it not been for The Civil War Blogroll, I missed a few people that I had to de-link years ago. Daily Dish has been put into Blockade Runners, and Hot Air has been added to Copperheads.

I normally don’t like people trying to guess what a historical figure would or would not say in current circumstances. Those who make such attempts usually try to get the selected historical figure to espouse or say things that they never in a million years would have expressed in real life, and would have them spinning in their graves were they to actually hear what was being attributed to them. But there are always exceptions… like this video. I think Thomas Paine would be proud of this.

Update: You know what they say… no Paine, no gain!

But sometimes they can become Secretary of the Treasury.

Republican senators are putting up a good front for the constituents, but aren’t working too hard trying to defeat Mr. Geithner’s nomination. If he is confirmed, conservatives have a damaged Secretary collecting tax receipts for Uncle Sam. Champions for reform will have pages and pages of apologies they can use to defend the oppressed taxpayers who make innocent mistakes, “just like Secretary Geithner.” And best of all (he says, seeing the silver lining and not the cloud), should the economy not turn around, Republicans will have the chance to say, “We’re not surprised, since President Obama can’t even find a Treasury Secretary who can fill out his 1040, nevermind fix this economy.” On the other hand, if the Democrats buy a clue and pull the nomination, they won’t get their favorite TARP-loving choice for the job.

It’s a wonderful win-win scenario for Republicans… if they can avoid finding a way to screw it up.

So, word comes out today that the word out yesterday was just an evil plot by the meanies at the Times Online: Google is no more guilty of Carbon Crime than any other presence on the Web, and it’s “footprint” is as pristine as Neil Armstrong’s lunar calling-card. Color me shocked.

The search-engine phenom is perhaps the best example of Silicon Valley gone Hollywood – and by that, of course, I mean leftist chic. As with the rich and famous in LA, Google is all about the Great Liberal Dichotomy, “More for me, less for thee.” It proposes and supports every Democratic boondoggle it can dream up, from confiscatory taxes to entangling carbon-emission regulations, but it continues to get wealthier and wealthier, and every suggestion that it gets its hands dirty is scrubbed clean.

Not that there’s anything wrong with full pockets and clean hands, except for the hypocrisy of it all.

On a related but contrary note, I’m delighted to hear that the U.S. Army is going electric for some of its on-base vehicles. While I don’t give a rat’s tail about “carbon emissions” unrelated to pollution (and even then, maintaining clean air and water should be a corporate responsibility, not a government regulation), I’m very happy whenever we take steps to wean ourselves from non-renewable, and especially foreign, sources of energy.

If only we could bottle this carbon emission and power our cars with it…. but likely there’ll be a restriction proposed against pork and beans sometime soon from Google.

The inauguration is still weeks away, and already they’re whining. The NY Daily News has a story today about how “Bill must spill secrets” in order that Hillary may become Secretary of State. The best part about it isn’t the content of the story. Most of this is just a re-hash of junk we already know about the Clintons and more evidence of how this is Bill Clinton’s 3rd term. No, the best part are the comments from the left-wing boneheads, like this one from “Aloha62″: “I’m really confused by this. Most people backed Obama because we wanted a different direction, particularly on foreign policy. And to just hand over the foreign policy apparatus to the Clintons is just like back going in time.” Hey, you voted for the guy. You didn’t expect this? Oh, I’m so sorry. No, I’m not rolling a booger, I’m playing the world’s smallest violin.

I had an opportunity on Monday evening to catch Mark Levin’s show live. After the first break, he had a clip of Barack “The H-Word” Obama stating the that the US Constitution “…reflected the fundamental flaw of this country that continues to this day…” Those of you who are Obama supporters: answer these questions that Levin proposed: “What’s flawed about the Constitution?” “The president’s job is to uphold the Constitution. If the President thinks the Constitution is fundamentally flawed…then how can he uphold it?”

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