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You may have heard of Bernard Goldberg’s latest book, 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America (And Al Franken Is #37). Mr. Goldberg’s book is sitting at #6 on the NYT bestseller list, but word is he has not been getting invited on many shows to discuss his book. We are given the impression that the media doesn’t like his latest work. Can’t imagine why?;)

Capt Ed has it that he did get an interview on CNBC’s show hosted by Donny Deutsch, and the producer sandbagged him, tricking him into staying around to face a virtual Spanish Inquisition (my hyperbole, not Capt. Ed’s). I expect that he handled himself well, if they let him speak, though I suspect it will be another of those cases where the libs talk while the guest is speaking.

The show is to air tomorrow. I’ll have to tune in to see how it goes, with notepad at the ready.

Update: (Posted by Steve) John McCaslin of The Washington Times has comments from Bernard Goldberg on the blanket party Donny Deutsch threw him the other night:

But then, unbeknownst to me, they brought on a panel of five, plus Donny, all of whom took the other side. And it’s not like they just respectfully disagreed; there was name-calling, ganging up; it was unbelievable. And not one of them even read the book. They admitted it.
Captain Ed over at the Captains Quarters also weighs in on the ambush and on the participation of Jeff Jarvis from Buzzmachine in the feeding frenzy. And as the Captain encourages on his post, the comments to Jarvis’ post are a must read.

My only reaction is incredulity. Is anyone really surprised that the highly educated, elite, liberal, progressive, protectors of the First Amendment Civil Liberty Unionists were the ones responsible for an attack that can only be described as an attempt to distort, subvert, and silence an author?

Isn’t ironic it that the champion of these thugs (Donny Deutsch, Jeff Jarvis, Linda Stasi, et al) Michael Moore, titled his movie Fahrenheit 9/11 purposely to be an allusion to the book and movie Fahrenheit 451 – the temperature at which paper will burst into flame. Is there any doubt that they relished their participation in this mugging – or that in their whispers at cocktail parties they talk about how they would love to burn that book… or this one… or this?

Want another irony? The most vociferous voice involved in the Bernie Goldberg beat down was that of Linda Stasi. How fitting a name is Stasi?

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