A New Day

Okay… finally!

After many hours of tinkering until I got the template looking just the way I wanted it, I’m finally ready to start filling this blog with all the useless drivel that is to come.

First some acknowledgements:

First and foremost, I’d like to thank Senator Trent Lott (R-Mississippi), who was the founding inspiration for this endeavor. With any luck, someone on his staff will see this and show him that he has awakened a groggy and quite inhospitable fellow. Please take your apologies and your disgusting threats and get out of Washington D.C. We don’t need you in order to secure our destined status as the majority party. More importantly, and to paraphrase a certain Democrat, “(We) have a dream…” for the 21st century, and anyone who recalls fondly the days of segregation (consciously or unconsciously) does not figure prominently in that dream.

I’d also like to thank James Taranto of The Wall Street Journal and Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs who quite unintentionally may cause me to become addicted to blogging. At the very least, they have wasted much of my reading time in the last year, and have forced me to try this. Thanks a lot, gentlemen!

To the folks at The Fourth Turning I have nothing to say. I came here to escape you. I still believe, however….

David VanNatta, thanks for all your friendship through the years. Steve Johnson, I’ve started this despite the fact that you’ll probably take it over in a few months for your own – until then, it’s my idea so go away.

[Edit: Over the course of the last year, we’ve come a long way. Thanks to the suggestion of a reader, I think it’s important that I make a link to this post prominent on the front page of the blog to further explain who I am and what we’re doing here. Since some content in the original entry was intended as an in-joke at the time among friends and relatives, I’ve edited this entry to be more appropriate for general consumption today. For archival purposes, the original entry can be found here. – Chris 11-1-03]

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